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PostSubject: THE ACTORS ; WHO ARE THEY?   Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:39 pm

The actors who are they?How is your life?
for example Tom Hanks

Hanks was born in Concord, California. His father, Amos Mefford Hanks (born in Glenn County, California on March 4, 1924 – died in Alameda, California on January 31, 1992), was a distant relation of President Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks. His mother, Portuguese American Janet Marylyn Frager (born in Alameda County, California on January 18, 1932), was a hospital worker; the two divorced in 1960. The family's oldest child, Sandra, (now Sandra Hanks Benoiton) is a writer.

Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson (born October 26, 1956) is an American film and stage actress and producer. She is the wife of actor Tom Hanks.She has been married to Tom Hanks since April 1988, and has two children. She contributed to the Moffitt Cancer Center by donating "True Hearts" jewelry made of sterling silver and 14k gold. The proceeds will benefit several charities. Wilson credits good friend Rosie O'Donnell as inspiration for her charitable work, particularly with cancer and children's charities. She is also a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Wilson is reported to have coached her husband, actor Tom Hanks, to speak the basic Bulgarian phrases which he used in the film The Terminal to portray the fictional Krakozhian language.

In the director's cut of her husband Tom Hanks' movie That Thing You Do!, her brief appearance as a cocktail waitress named Marguerite has another scene, in which main character Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) drunkenly calls her Margarita, a play on Wilson's real-life first name.

I hope you have liked it.
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PostSubject: Re: THE ACTORS ; WHO ARE THEY?   Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:25 pm

I think it's very interesting , Loli !
It's a very good idea to talk about our favourite films and actors.
Other students can also write mini biographies of the actors they like for the rest of us to read.
I think Tom Hanks is simply great and I like everything he does. He is such an amazing actor !
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PostSubject: Re: THE ACTORS ; WHO ARE THEY?   Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:06 pm

This is a bad news

Jhon Travolta is crying for his son's death

The teenager, regularly subjected to attacks, was seen alive for the last time on Thursday when he entered the bathroom, according to the police. That was when a staff member of the house found him unconscious on Friday morning.

Jett was taken by ambulance to hospital from Freeport, where his death was pronounced, "said Police Chief Basil Rahming, in a statement. An autopsy is planned. According to the Obie Wilchcombe MP, former Minister of Tourism, it will take place Monday.

John Travolta, 54, and his wife Kelly Preston, 46 years, had explained several years ago that their son Jett had fallen seriously ill at the age of two. Doctors had diagnosed it as Kawasaki disease, an inflammation of blood vessels that affects very young children and can have cardiac effects.

The cause of this disease is currently unknown. It is believed that immune dysfunction, a virus or bacteria could be the cause.

Being a Scientologist as well as her husband, Kelly Preston relate her son's pathology to chemical fertilizers and household cleaners. After a program of detoxification, advised by the Church of Scientology, Jett was to feel better, the actress explained to the magazine "People".

"That space is cleaned had become an obsession for me. We were constantly cleaning the carpet," also stated John Travolta in 2001 in an interview with Larry King on CNN.

It is unclear whether Jett was taking drugs against attacks .

Married since 1991, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have another child, an 8-year-old daughter named Ella Bleu.

The family had arrived Thursday from the British islands , the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and she planned to return to Florida on Sunday. According to Obie Wilchcombe, the Travoltas had invited 60 friends to spend New Year weekend with them. "Now more than ever, they need them." AP
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PostSubject: Re: THE ACTORS ; WHO ARE THEY?   

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