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 My summary of "Blood Diamonds"

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PostSubject: My summary of "Blood Diamonds"   Sat May 16, 2009 10:56 am

Chapter 1 A front-page storyA Wednesday morning journalists in London Harley Kirkpatrick and Annie Shepherd are published on the first page of the Daily Post article about the blood diamonds.
A. Shepherd fund on the internet Erik Van Delft. Some people think he also buys and sells guns and blood diamonds...

Chapter 2 Meeting Van Delft
Kirkpatrick read A. Shepherd´s information: Van Delft exchange things from Africa to Europe, but the question was: Does this man buy and sell blood diamonds?
Kirkpatrick went to the café and waited. Then saw out the hotel to Van Delft and followed him. This came into Jewelry Lafon. When he left, called him and attempted a conversation. He gave the telephone number to call him.

Chapter 3 A second meeting
Kirkpatrick returned to the Daily. Any given more information about Van and his ships.
They also wanted to investigate the Jewelry Lafon
Kirkrpatrick agreed by phone to see Van in St. Paul's Cathedral. Alli Van stopped the car with his driver.
Kirk told of his meeting in Lagos. Came down, told him that Van did not want to see him again, threatening him with a gun. When you want to report, the driver hit him from behind with a bat ...

Chapter 4 Sophie Lafon
Kirkpatrick woke up in pain. He took a taxi and went to the Daily Post. In the morning he told Annie: now we know that business is suspect and "he doesn´t want me near him".
Annie Shepherd informed him about the Jewelry Lafon. Now leads the granddaughter Bernard Lafon, Sophie Lafon. She has jewelry famous cities. Selling blood diamonds? We have to investigate.
Kirkpatrick went to the Jewelry Lafon Sofia and sought help from Sofia on the history of blood diamonds. She said: "I never buy blood diamonds".
Do you know Erik? Something, he said. We buy diamonds and know where are the documents.
I want to help. I hate blood diamonds. Kirkpatrick gave your phone number.

Chapter 5 Devon
Sophie telephoned Kirkpatrick. She was waiting for Van Delft at his home in Devon to sell diamonds. He was to the scene reported. It was easy. Saw two cars in front of the house. A man carrying something in one of the cars. Kirk knew the man was the driver who hit him. Came back to do so.

Chapter 6 On the beach
Kirkpatrick awoke. I was tied up and with a headache. Van said with a gun in his hand did not want to see ever. He said that guns were going to change by Diamonds for Africa.
Heard a car. It was Annie. In another car of the house was Sophie. This is also admitted to working with Van Delft.

Chapter 7 Guns and diamonds
On the beach a man in a boat came to shore to change merchandise. Kirkpatrick, Sophie and Annie what were seeing. Now they were four police cars arrived. Annie reports before (had been informed). Police already suspected. Van Delft and the driver tried to escape, but had no time. The police could catch them.

Kirkpatrick and Annie returned to The Daily Post. It was a great story for your newspaper -The Daily Post- ...

What they look like the characters?

- Mr. Kirkpatrick: was a tall man, about thirsty, with long brown hair and blue eyes. He wore jeans, a jacket, a blue shirt and light brown shoes.
- Annie Shepherd: She was twenty-seven years old, with short light brow hair and dark brown eyes. She wore blue jeans and a whit shirt.
- Erik Van Delft: The hair and eyes were dark. He wore dark trousers, a jacket and had a black bag in one hand. He´s thirty-six years old. Half Belgian, half Africa. He`s Britain now.

- The Daily Post was on Fleet Street in London. At one time all the important British newspapers were here. Today were all in the east London.
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My summary of "Blood Diamonds"
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