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 Celtic New Year

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PostSubject: Celtic New Year   Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:55 pm

HI, every body!

According to the Celtic mithology,Samhain or Celtic New Year was a gap in time.Durin this gap period,"Our World" and "Other World"came together and thouth that the dead could return to warm themselves at the places they lived.
The Celtic New year populary known as Halloween's Day is celebrated whit great enthusiasmby the people of Ireland,UK,United States,Canada...etc. on the nigth of October 31st

Samhain is the Iris word for November. This word in Gaelic means "summer's end".
Nobember 1st is the celtic feast of Samhain, which begins with "An Geamhradh" (the beginning of the dark winter) and ends with "Am Foghar" (the Celtic harvest).

Celtic New Year Rituals.

Some Celts traditions referred to the "Celtic Emhain Abhlach"(Paradise of Apples) where de dead ate the scared fruit and became immortal, so celts put food and drinks for the dead and let their house doors opened to give the dead a free passage to enter their house. But all the spirits from the Otherworld were not good.
To stop the evil spirits, villagers carved images of spirit guardians onto turnips and kept these "Jack o'lanterns" in front of their doors.

That's all !! I hope you have a great Halloween.

PS. I'd like to dedicate this video everyone in this magic night.


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Celtic New Year
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